Bulk Sms Sender ID Codes

We receive advertise & information sms like AM-DOMINO, This called Bulk Sms Sender ID Codes. In every bulk sms message Bulk Sms Sender ID Codes which start with 2 Alpha characters (like: AM) .

We think how it show like this type in every sms why not show sender like a mobile number?

Answer: TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has categorized this way to identify sent bulk sms message and the sender details. Also operator easily understand to identify the bulk sms user by this Bulk Sms Sender ID Codes. As per TRAI rule Bulk Sms Sender ID Codes is maximum 2 alphabet & sender id is six.

Bulk Sms Sender ID Codes
Bulk Sms Sender ID Codes (AM-DOMINO)

For better understand in detail on Bulk Sms Sender ID Codes example bellow;

For example, sms we recieve from our bank, let us take DOMINO, when we receive then the sender id would be like this AM-DOMINO. So, here we are discussing on the first two characters of the sender id that is AM. A as in Airtel, this is a Telecom Operator Code and M as in Mumbai, this is Regional Code.

Bellow listed major Telecom Operator Codes and Regional Codes for India to better understand for Bulk Sms Sender ID Codes.

Following table is of Telecom Operator Code.

Provider Code
Airtel A
Datacom Solutions C
Aircel D
Reliance Telecom E
HFCL Infotel H
Idea Cellular I
BPL Mobile/Loop Telecom L
Spice Telecom P
Reliance Communications R
S tel S
Tata Teleservices T
Unitech Group U
Vodafone Group V
Swan Telecom W
Shyam Telecom Y

Following is the table of Regional Code.

Region Code
Andhra Pradesh A
Bihar B
Delhi D
UP-East E
Gujarat G
Haryana H
Himachal Pradesh I
Jammu & Kashmir J
Kolkata K
Kerala L
Mumbai M
North East N
Orissa O
Punjab P
Rajasthan R
Assam S
Tamil Nadu T
West Bengal V
UP-West W
Karnataka X
Madhya Pradesh Y
Maharashtra Z