Whmcs SMS Addon can power your whmcs a mobile conectivity by RP SMS bulk sms api. Just upload our addon and simple follow our instructions and start within minutes.

Whmcs SMS Addon Procedure:

  1. Download the plugin zip file  as per your server configuration.
  2. Extract the zip file and upload RP_SMS to your WHMCS root – / Module/ Addons folder
Whmcs SMS Addon
Whmcs SMS Addon

Support feature points sms Send to client by Whmcs SMS Addon :

  1. After Client Registration
  2. After Module Suspension
  3. Post Payment
  4. Module Package Change
  5. After Invoice Creation
  6. Invoice payment reminder for third overdue
  7. After module unsuspend
  8. password changed
  9. After Reply By Admin
  10. Invoice payment reminder for second overdue
  11. Post Service Activation
  12. Domain Renewal Notice
  13. Post Order Acceptance
  14. After domain renewal
  15. Domain Registration
  16. After client change password
  17. Invoice Payment Reminder
  18. Ticket Closure
  19. Domain Registration Failure

Just email us at care@rpgraphics.in for Whmcs SMS Addon.