At RP GRAPHICS, the BOSS sits out and is not even part of the company. The Customer is our BOSS, starting from the Influentials, the promoters of the company and down to the last man in the last mile.

We believe each and every one of us is a part of the RP GRAPHICS. We believe our reward is not the remuneration or the perks, but the satisfied smile on the face of the customer. We believe we have REASON to fear this BOSS, for the buck truly stops there.

Thats the reason only those who share our company ethos and culture find their destiny working with RP GRAPHICS. Its also why we are constantly looking at ways to be leaner, smarter, more flexible and useful to our customers. Also why we scout for new ways to partner our customers in their progress and use all our spreadsheet skills and technical savvy to add to their bottom line.

Since we are just a one-year old company, we are not fettered by a chain of command. But it is nice to remember that such rigid command structures chain the people to their cubicles! Maybe thats why the best thing about RP GRAPHICS is the workplace, friendly, comfy and quietly efficient.

This also means we have the right ambience to work in teams and collaborate to optimize group functionalities. Internal communications at RPGRAPHICS, are more than a two-way street, they snake in every direction like the eight-lane highways. As a rule, rules and procedures, beyond a point, are disabling, and not enabling; our Bible of System & Procedure is therefore leaner than you would think. This makes the RP GRAPHICS workplace fun to work in.

This is the era of the knowledge-worker and so hierarchy has no real value in a flat world. RP GRAPHICS Computer Solutions practices this principle to the fullest extent, to unleash the potential of the knowledge-worker and maximize value for the company and of course, our BOSS, the customer.